We know that your time is valuable! There never seems to be enough of it!! We appreciate all of our volunteers and the time they dedicate to make our school great. Volunteers make a difference!

We are using SignUp.com, (formerly VolunteerSpot.com) an on-line volunteer management program, to fill PTSA and BMMS volunteer needs. Volunteering has never been easier! Click the SignUp button below to view volunteer opportunities.

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Thank you for lending a helping hand!


PUSD Volunteer Requirements

All volunteers must have the following 3 documents on file at Black Mountain Middle School in order to volunteer:

  1. A current TB test
  2. Megan’s Law Background Check
  3. Code of Conduct


1. TB Testing

Due to new regulations from both the state and county, PUSD nurses will no longer be providing TB clearance. If you are due for your screening (once every four years), we are hoping this advance notification will give you ample time over the summer to comply, before the start of the new school year.
The law requires that TB clearance be completed by a licensed health care provider. The provider will determine if risk factors exist and provide a TB test, if needed.

Here are a few nearby resources where you can obtain TB clearance. There may be a fee or co-pay involved at some locations:

  • Your primary health care provider
  • CVS Minute Clinic, 16773 Bernardo Center Dr., Rancho Bernardo, CA 92128 or,
  • CVS Minute Clinic, 12358 Poway Rd., Poway, CA 92064
  • Walgreen Clinic, 13390 Poway Rd., Poway, CA 92064
  • Neighborhood Health Clinic, 460 N. Elm St., Escondido, CA 92025, 760-520-8100, Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday: 1:00-4:00, Wednesday: 2:30-4:00
  • Public Health Center, 649 West Mission Ave, Suite 2, Escondido, CA 92025, 619-692-5565

Proof of TB clearance is mandated for volunteers working in public schools. Please submit written TB clearance signed by your health care provider to your school site. Again, thank you for your understanding and cooperation. And with your help, we look forward to another successful school year for 2017-18.
Letter to Volunteers (Print Version)


2. Megan’s Law Background Check

Each volunteer must have a current Megan’s Law Background Check on file with the specific school site office. Volunteers need only fill out one Megan’s Law form with the schools listed. Volunteers only need to fill out the Megan’s Law form and be cleared once. You do not need to fill out a new form for each school year. If you have volunteered at another school in PUSD, and wish to make a school site change – please notify the office and fill out the Transfer Request for Megan’s Law.


3. Code of Conduct

All volunteers must have a signed Volunteer Code of Conduct form on file at each site they volunteer at.


Volunteer Forms


Level 2 Volunteers

Some volunteer positions (for example, volunteering in the Student Store) require a Level 2 clearance. Level 2 clearance requires a more extensive background check that includes fingerprinting. The forms for Level 2 clearance must be picked up at the BMMS office. Please plan ahead and allow several weeks to complete the process.


Field Trips

If you plan to drive on a field trip, you will need to fill out this form: Private Vehicle Transportation for Student’s off-site Student Experience.


Privacy Counts

As a volunteer, you may see or hear confidential information about a student. Please keep it confidential. If other parents approach you about their child’s progress or behavior at school, please refer them to their child’s teacher.


When Volunteering

When you come to volunteer please Sign In & Out. All volunteers are required to sign in at the office and put on a name-tag. You must do this each day you volunteer. This helps us identify people on our campus and helps keep our kids safe. Thank you for remembering to do this! If you volunteer on a regular basis, contact the BMMS office to set up a time to have your picture taken and a volunteer badge made. This will help speed up the sign in & out process.

PLEASE NOTE: Individuals will not be allowed to volunteer until the office has received notice of the Megan’s Law clearance and results of the TB test.


Thank you for your willingness to volunteer!


If you have any questions about the volunteer opportunities or would like to volunteer please contact the PTSA V.P. of Volunteers, volunteers.bmms@gmail.com

More detailed information about volunteering can be found on the PUSD Volunteer Page.